1910 view of downtown Jefferson's Public Square.

About Us

"Preservation is about deciding what’s important, figuring out how to protect it, and passing along an appreciation for what was saved to the next generation. Preservation is hands on."
(pulled from the National Park Services website…)

The Jefferson Historic Preservation Commission
was establish February 24, 1986 by Mayor Byrd Bruce and Councilmen Jimmy Bailey, Roger Cooper, James C. Doster, C.D. Kidd III and Douglas C. Waters Sr.  Local resident Tom Bryan, long a supporter of historic preservation in Jefferson, was chairman of the group tasked with studying the proposed ordinance.  In his presentation he stated, “the purpose of the ordinance would be the preservation of the historical and cultural history of the city of Jefferson, and the goal of touching the future by holding onto the past.”  After the presentation the motion was made, seconded and unanimously approved to adopt the preservation ordinance.

Much work was still to be done; district boundaries had to be established, detailed surveys of each property proposed to be included in a specific district had to be made and the actual commission had to be established.  Members of the original commission were: Tom Bryan (Chairman), Ann Jarrett, Fred Gurley, Carolyn Thurmond, Elizabeth Leigh

Jefferson Historic Preservation Commission
28 College StreetJefferson, GA 30549
Phone: 706-367-5714