Permits and Zoning
Jefferson City Hall circa 1950
Sec. 21.5.8. 
Certificates involving demolitions. A decision by the historic preservation commission approving or denying a certificate of appropriateness for the demolition of buildings, structures, sites, trees judged to be 50 years old or older, or objects shall be guided by the following criteria:
(a) The historic, scenic or architectural significance of the building, structure, site, tree or object;
(b) The importance of the building, structure, site, tree, or object to the ambiance of a district;
(c) The difficulty or the impossibility of reproducing such a building, structure site, tree, or object because of its design, texture, material, detail, or unique location;
(d) Whether the building, structure, site, tree, or object is one of the last remaining examples of its kind in the neighborhood or the city/county;
(e) Whether there are definite plans for use of the property if the proposed demolition is carried out, and what the effect of those plans on the character of the surrounding area would be. Where such plans or intentions are evident to the historic preservation commission, it shall not grant permission to demolish a building or structure within its jurisdiction without reviewing at the same time the plans for the building or structure that would replace the building or structure proposed to be demolished;
(f) Whether reasonable measures can be taken to save the building, structure, site, tree, or object from collapse;
(g) Whether the building, structure, site, tree, or object is capable of earning reasonable economic return on its value; [and]
(h) Whether the structure is of such interest or quality that it would reasonably meet national, state, or local criteria for designation as an historic or architectural landmark.
Further, this part of the code explains that a demolition of a historic buildings/structure is considered a "material change in appearance," Here is the section of the Land Use Management Code that explains that:
Chapter 19.2 Definitions:
Material change in appearance: A change that will affect either the exterior architectural or environmental features of an historic property or any structure, site or work of art within an historic district, and may include any one or more of the following: A reconstruction or alteration of the size, shape, or facade of an historic property, including any of its architectural elements or details; demolition of an historic structure; commencement of excavation for construction purposes; a change in the location of advertising visible from the public right-of-way; [and] the erection, alteration, restoration, or removal of any building or other structure within an historic property or district, including walls, fences, steps and pavements, or other appurtenant features.
Also, a COA application for a demolition is considered a major work, which is $250. See Section below from the code...
Major work: Any "material change in appearance" to an "exterior architectural feature" of a building in a "historic district" or on a "historic property" and which requires a "certificate of appropriateness" pursuant to this chapter, involving:
1. The demolition or relocation of a building, structure, or part thereof, or which involves an addition of building space to a building or structure; or
2. Any grading, land disturbance, and/or paving or improvement for additional parking involving five or more parking spaces or 2,000 square feet or more of area. If a COA was denied for demolition, then the applicant could appeal to City Council and then Superior Court of Jackson County, if applicable. See below.
Sec. 21.5.11. - Appeal.
Any person adversely affected by any determination made by the historic preservation commission relative to the issuance or denial of a certificate of appropriateness may appeal such determination to the city council; the appeal must be applied for within 15 days after notification is sent. The City of Jefferson may approve, modify, or reject the determination made by the commission, if the city council finds that the commission abused its discretion in reaching its decision. The city shall notify the commission of any appeal of an application prior to the council meeting. Appeals from decisions of the City of Jefferson made pursuant to this chapter may be taken to the Superior Court of Jackson County, in the manner provided by law, for appeals from conviction for municipal or county ordinance violations


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